Recommendation of Wedding Planning Checklist

recommendation wedding planning checklist, to-do-list of wedding planning - Planning a wedding can be neither easy nor difficult. Moreover, if we set it up by ourselves without using any wedding organizer's services. Then you should have to make a wedding planning, a list of things to do along with the process of time before the Day. For your consideration, this time we will give a general timeline for brides out there who need reminders or reassurance that they're already on track which taken from

Recommendation of Wedding Planning Checklist

recommendation wedding planning checklist
Wedding Planning TImeline (Image Source by:
9-12 Months Before
- Set a budget and determine how costs will be divided.
- Select a date and reserve venue(s).
- Start the guest list to get your best cost estimate.
- Find an officiant.
- Start a separate folder for receipts.
- Select your wedding party.
- Hire a planner or day-of coordinator.
- Book a florist, photographer, and DJ or band.

6-9 Months Before
- Find a caterer if the venue doesn't offer one.
- Choose bridesmaids' attire.
- Register for gifts.
- Start planning your honeymoon.
- Select and order a bridal gown.
- Create a wedding website.
- Arrange transportation.

4-6 Months Before
- Finalize guest list.
- Send save-the-date announcements.
- Reserve any rental items needed for ceremony/reception.
- Shop for wedding invitations.
- Finalize a date, time, and location for rehearsal dinner.
- Choose ceremony readings, anda reach out to readers.
- Arrange room blocks at hotels for out-of-town guests.
- Meet with your officiant.

2-4 Months Before
- Mail invitations.
- Shop for your wedding rings.
- Order wedding cake.
- Obtain marriage license after 90-day mark.
- Find your makeup artist and hairstylist, and make your day-of and trial-run appointments.
- Purchase favors and gifts for welcome baskets.

6-8 Weeks Before
- Send rehearsal-dinner invitations.
- Reserve tuxedos for groomsmen.
- Finalize the menu and the flowers.
- Meet with vendors to work out details.

2-6 Weeks Before
- Print seating cards and programs.
- Create seating plan and wedding-weekend timeline.
- Have your final dress fitting.
- Write vows.
- Finaize all details, and confirm with vendors.

1 Week Before
- Expect lots of last-minute things to come up, so try not to save anything that could have been finished sooner.
- Confirm arrival times with vendors and wedding party.
- Set aside checks or tips to distribute to vendors.
- Delegate tasks to wedding party.

Top of all, don't forget to enjoy every moment leading up to your wedding day.

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Step by Step to Prepare Your Perfect Wedding - 2

step by step to prepare a wedding, what to do before wedding, semi formal wedding, informal wedding, formal wedding

Your wedding is certainly a part of your life that you have been waiting for. If you've read the previous article about the Step By Step to Prepare Your Perfect Wedding - 1, so here we continue the next section.

Step by Step to Prepare Your Perfect Wedding - 2

Beach Wedding Theme Ideas
3. Determine the color and theme of your wedding
There are three types of wedding themes that can be applied to your wedding event : formal, semi-formal, and informal. You can pick which wedding theme reflects both of you better. You can also pick the wedding dream that you want.

Formal Wedding

- Religious ceremonial is held in places of worship ( church, mosque, temple, etc )
- The reception is usually held in the ball-room, hotel, mansion, country club, and others
- Sitting party, which the seat of the invited guests have been set
- The invited guest women usually wear evening dress, while men can choose a suit or tuxedo
- Live Music
- The party is reserved for 200 guests or more
Garden Wedding Theme Ideas

Semi Formal Wedding

Religious ceremonial is held in places of worship, but also can be held in other places that contain special meaning
- Sitting or Standing Party with lighter choosen location than a formal party, such as hall, restaurant, private function house, and so on
- The invited guest women usually wear evening dress, while men can choose: a neat suit or tuxedo
- Live Music with more fun song

Informal Wedding

- Outdoor party with a more intimate atmosphere
- Standing party, which also can hold a barbeque corner
- The bride and groom can freely mix together with the guests
Wedding Color Theme contains a special meaning. Consider the meaning of each color that we know will shortly described below :
- Green : Create a harmony feeling and balance energy around. Symbol of strong bond with nature, which creates peace and fresh feeling.
- Red : Bring extra energy, courage, self-confidence, love, and strong appeal
- Blue : Create calm, cool, and relaxed feeling
- Yellow : Increase energy and relieve your mind
- Brown : Create the warm impression. So does the orange.
- Purple : Energize compassion, inspiration, imagination and empathy
- Black : Elegant impression. Use it only as an accent, not as the dominant color.
- White : Symbolize something that is holy and pure
Blending color for the marriage should not be done haphazardly, because it could spoil the party atmosphere. Ask to an expert about this, for example color and image consultant
Formal Wedding
4. Determine the amount of Invitation
We recommend that both of you make the invited guest list. The guest list is derived from the names of your friends, families, and relatives, as well as the names of your parent's friends. Select it once again of all those names carefully. In order not to over budget, it is better to only choose people who have a close and good relationship with you, your fiance, and both of your parents. Number of guests determine the amount of the catering menu orderHowever meals are things that spent the most of your wedding shopping expenses.
5. Determine Wedding Vendors
In selecting wedding vendors, determine which vendor most suits with your style. Pick the vendor which have chemistry and harmony with both of you, so you are not worry with your choice. Consider the quality, price, service, and whether it is based on customer service oriented or not. It will be useful, if one day you come to your friend's wedding, do save a business card of wedding suppliers which you're impressed with their services.

Step by Step to Prepare Your Perfect Wedding - 1

to do list before preparing wedding, prepare a wedding, tips preparing wedding

Just Engaged.. Where to Start?
Marriage is a stage of life that you have to pass. You may have gone through each time exploring each other's personal, engaged, and finally, it will be a wonderful time for holding a ceremony to formalize your relationship. You're going to feel uncertain, excited, and worry. Millions of mixed feelings for the preparation of your big day.

Setting up all of the ornaments for your important day is quite exhausting, and often stressful. In fact, preparing the wedding party is not as complicated as one might imagine with enough knowledge. Wedding planning means fun! Remember, this only happens once in your life! More you understand how the right way to prepare your wedding, more you feel fun with the process. Maybe, you've got headache, thinking about where to start preparing the wedding ceremony. Relax ...! No need to panic and worry. All you have to do just still get organized and take it easy!

Step by Step to Prepare Your Perfect Wedding - 1

Picking the Wedding Date

1. Determine the date and time of your wedding

365 days in a year, then what day you would choose as the right time to hold your long-awaited day? You can choose a specific date and month that has special meaning for both of you. Some people believe the term of "good date and day" to determine it. Therefore, you should involve your parents or relatives who more understand about this.

2. Determine the budget

Budget becomes a vital role in determining what kind of party you would hold. What kind of theme that you would choose? How many guests will be invited? Which wedding suppliers that you would choose? It all depends on your budget planning. If this has been answered, another questions appear later. How much percentage of budget that must be borne by both of bride and groom? A survey conducted by the Association of Bridal Consultants, USA (2003) states:
- 20% of the costs incurred by the bride
- 53% of the costs is shared by the four parties (the bride, the groom, the groom's parents, and the bride's parents)
- Only 27% of wedding expenses incurred by the bride and groom.
Wedding Budget
In addition, you can also take inspiration for purchasing various marriage needs based on the details below:

Purchasing Various Marriage by Bride :
- The ring for the groom
- Souvenirs, wedding stationery (invitations, guest book, program book, seating card, RSVP card, thank you card, menu card, save the date card, place card)
- Wedding Gifts for the groom
- Payment of premarital check-up (premarital test)
- Accommodation for bride's relatives who come from other city
- Gifts for the bridesmaid and maid of honor

Purchasing Various Marriage by Bride's Relative :
- The engagement party (optional)
- Rental of buildings
- Catering, decorations, invitations, photography, and entertainment
- The bride's dress, makeup and hair stylish
- Family's attires
- Transportation from the bride's home to the venue
Purchasing Various Marriage by Groom :
- The ring for the bride
- Wedding Gifts for the bride
- Groom's attire
- Administrative costs of marriage
- Gifts for the best men, grooms men, ring bearer
- Honeymoon cost

Purchasing Various Marriage by Groom's Relative :
- Family's attires for attending the wedding
- Transportation and accommodation for groom's relatives
- Miscellaneous expenses

Purchasing Various Marriage by Both of Bride and Groom :
- Wedding gifts for their parents
- Unexpected costs

Keep in mind to make a priority scale for the most important items when you set a budget.

Another points of preparing your perfect wedding could be found on the next article : Step by Step to Prepare Your Perfect Wedding! - 2

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Enhance Your Figure with A-Line Wedding Gown

a-line wedding dress, a line wedding gown, bodyshape for a line wedding dress

One of wedding dress styles that used by most of bride-to-be today is A-Line style. Fashion experts say that the A-Line Wedding Dress fit with many types of body shape. A-Line forms capital letter A silhouette, fit through the waist and bust area then flares from the side. How this kind of style can flatter your figure? It can be adjusted where flare starts. This style will make your body look smaller above the point where the dress starts to flare. The widening out of the hem shape this kind of illusion. Because of this silhouette can hide the flaws, many brides-to-be favorite this style. The flare can be started at any point along the side seam, either just below the bust or as low on hip or thigh area. 

Enhance Your Figure with A-Line Wedding Gown

A-Line Wedding Dresses for All of Body Shapes
Currently, most of the A-Line wedding dresses fit at the waist area and then flares in the upper hip or stomach area, so it would be appropriated for those who want to hide their tummy area. Thus, whenever you want to choose A-Line style, it is important to pay attention of where the flare starts on the side seams of the wedding dress.

The fashion advisors suggest that you should choose flare that starts above your trouble spot. If your stomach is not flat as what you want, make sure your dress flares starting at the waist or below the waist to create a slimmer appearance. However if your trouble spot is on the hip or thigh area, make sure that the flare starts from upper than hip abdomen area, so that the focus of attention will be toward on the small of your waistline or your upper body.

So what kind of body shape that would be appropriate to use A-Line Style ?

As mentioned above, most of body types will fit when using this style. However there are some body shapes that get most benefit from this type :
A-Line Wedding Dresses for Pear Body Shape
1. Pear Body Shape
For those of you who have this body type, would be appropriate to use A-Line silhouette with flare starts higher at the sides than the widest area of the body. Wider hips or thighs, higher flare need to start at the skirt.

2. Rectangle Body Shape
In this kind of body shape, flare should start at the waist or stomach which to give illusion that you have a smaller waistline.
A-Line Wedding Dresses Flattering Rectangle Body Shape
3. Apple Shaped Body Type
For flattering this kind of figure, the flare preferably starts at the waist, especially if you have a protruding stomach. It would be better if the flare placed at the front or sides of the skirt. If there is no problem with your stomach, then you can try an A-Line style that start flaring slightly below the waist.

4. Hourglass Body Type
Of course, this body shape will look good when wearing this style, especially if A-Line begins on lower at hip or thigh section, because it will accentuate your body curve.

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Important Tips Before Picking Wedding Dress - 2

tips to choose wedding dress, tips before picking wedding dress, tips to get the best wedding dress

Your wedding day should be the most beautiful day, right? Having beautiful look on that day is a must, so you can not go wrong in picking a wedding dress. On the previous article, we have explained that you should not just follow the last trteends, but you have to see another factors to find the perfect wedding dress. So what needs to be considered in picking a wedding dress?

Important Tips Before Picking Wedding Dress - 2

Wedding Dress Alterations
1. Pay attention to your body shape
Blessed are those who are tall and slim. Because this kind of body shape can safely wear any style of wedding gown. But for those who are tall and large, they can wear A-Line style for slimmer look. Avoid using a straight skirt, especially narrows at the bottom. For those who have Short Slim Body Type (mini size), some fashion experts suggest that the bride-to-be should not choose a low-waist-cut dress. While brides-to-be who have a plus size short body type may choose A-Line style, but avoid too many ornaments on the dress. In addition, for a short body type, avoid wearing the veil with a lot of wrinkles accent.
Adjust Your Wedding Gown with Your Wedding Venue
2. Adjust with your wedding venue
- The style and fabric of your wedding dress that will be used must appropriate with your wedding venue. Bridal gown with net fabric is still considered appropriate for indoor (ballroom) wedding. While for the outdoor wedding, you should not choose too long dress, because you will get actively around to meet guests. You can also use the dress with hard fabrics like satin, organza and silk.
- We recommend to order a wedding dress at least six months before your wedding day, moreover if you want a complicated dress. Contrary, it only needs one month to work on a dress with a simple style. Price of the wedding dress depends on the basic fabrics, auxiliary ornaments (beads, crystals, and other ornaments), as well as the design of the dress itself.

Instead of it, you should also keep your weight stable. It is important to make your dress still look pretty on the last fitting until the wedding day. When discussing the design with the designer, try not to involve too many people so that the discussion could not be confusing. Ideally, only the bride-to-be with the designer alone.

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Divert Attention of Your Shape with One Shoulder Wedding Dress

one shoulder wedding dress, tips to distract your body shape

One type of Wedding Dress which had ever been popular was an One Shoulder Style. This one was booming in 2010 and increasing in the next few years. One thing you need to know about this kind of wedding dress is its unique appearance. In addition, if there are some areas in your body that need to be covered, this neckline will help take their eyes off from that area. In some One Shoulder Styles have asymmetrical neckline that form a diagonal neckline that will flatter your figure, especially if you have broad shoulders or full bustline.

Divert Attention of Your Shape with One Shoulder Wedding Dress

One Shoulder Wedding Dress
So what is the right shape to use this type of style?
If you are a short petite bride, this kind of wedding dress will make you look taller, especially if you pair it with a sheath or column dress silhouette.

If you are a high bride who like a one-shoulder style but do not want to look high, you can still use this but paired it with a full skirt style like A-Line, Ball Gown, or mermaid wedding dress.
One Shoulder Wedding Dresses
Unlike the case if you are someone who has a narrow shoulder, this style seems less appropriate for you, unless you want to highlight the part of your shoulder.

Well, for the last type of body shape, it would be appropriate if you are a plus size bride. Because this style will divert attention towards your face. Asymmetrical neckline will add more interest and flatter your wide shoulder. You can also choose an A-Line Dress or Fit and Flare Style to enhance the flattering of your body.
One Shoulder Wedding Gown
Okay, so you have already known which kind of body shape that would be appropriate using one shoulder wedding dress. You can also try it whenever going to buy a wedding gown. Then, you can match it with your body type and adjust the using of strap in the left or right shoulder.

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Which Style of Wedding Dress will Flatter Your Apple Shaped Body?

apple shape body, wedding dress fit with apple body shape, how to choose wedding dress

After you read the article of how to determine which body shape you are, now you need to know what kind of the wedding dress can flatter your body. One of it is apple shaped. Generally apple shaped body has the widest part of the whole body, that's on waist part. Usually those who have this kind of body shape, have a full bust, wide back, waist, hips with slender legs. But there are some of them which have narrow shoulders, small bust, wide waist with narrow hips and protruding tummy. So all you have to do just divert attention of people not to be on your middle section, and focus on your face or legs.

Which Style of Wedding Dress will Flatter Your Apple Shaped Body?

Apple Shaped Body
First, you should choose one of the following necklines which fit with you apple shaped body :
- V-Neck
- Sweetheart or Square Neckline
- Scoop Neck
- Wide Shoulder Straps over Spaghetti Straps
- off the shoulder wedding dress
- Avoid using high neckline
Apple Shaped Body Wedding Gown
Furthermore, the silhouette fit with your body type are :
- A-Line
- Empire Waist
- dropped waist style wedding dress
- Some Ball Gown Wedding Gown styles, but note that your stomach does not protrude out of your bustline

Here is an example of the wedding gown which good used for those who have an apple shaped body :
Wedding Gown for Apple Shaped Body
This type of dress will do good camouflage in the middle of your body, because there is a section split overskirt that forms an V angle and give the slim impression. This style flattering your waist part and do flat impression on your stomach.

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Important Tips Before Picking Bridal Gown - 1

choosing a wedding dress, perfect wedding dress, pear body shape, apple body shape, rectangle body shape, hour glass body shape

Bride-to-be who will hold the wedding, of course, will want to wear a wedding dress that can beautify their body shape. Some experts say that when you choose a wedding dress, no matter what kind of body shape or size you have, you still can find the perfect wedding dress that complements you. The important thing is that you ultimately choose a wedding dress that will work with your figure and not against it. However, it would not be a problem if you understand the types of body shape first.

Important Tips Before Picking Bridal Gown - 1

Image Source
Which one of body shape are you?
- triangle or pear body shape
Triangle or Pear Shaped Body is a body shape that has wider hips than upper part of the body

- diamond body shape or apple body shape
Diamond Shape or Apple Shaped Body is a body shape that has the widest part in the mid-section includes stomach and waistline area

- rectangle body shape
Rectangle Shaped Body is a body shape that the bust, waist, and hips form a straight line with a very slight curve of the body

- hour glass body shape
Hour Glass Shaped Body has a focal point at the waist, because it is smaller than the bust and hips area, which are equal each other

- Inverted Triangle Shaped Body 
Inverted Triangle Shaped Body is a body shape that has a prominent bust and not balance with the wide of the waist and narrow hips
Finding Perfect Wedding Dress
Perhaps you are wondering, what kind of wedding gown that will fit to each of the body shape. But for now, you should do some evaluation of your body shape.
1. Look in a full length mirror. And examine yourself from the front and side part
2. Do you have a prominent bust or narrow shoulders?
3. Do you have large thighs, wide hips, or a rounded bottom?
4. Or can you determine the exact curve when you see your bust, waist, and hips?
5. Perhaps you feel too curvaceous with too small waist compared to your bust and hips

In addition to the shape of your body, you also need to examine your overall appearance, including height, size, and specific areas of your body that should be considered. Although you may already be able to determine which body shape you are, but maybe you miss some of the specific areas that you did not notice before. So, before choosing a wedding dress that will flatter you, you should understand some of the specific areas that you may have a problem.

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Tips to Choose a Wedding Dress for Mature Bride

tips to choose a wedding dress for mature bride, mature bride tips, second times wedding, coverage wedding dress

If you are a mature bride who look for your bridal attire and you are about 40, 50, and up to 60 years, here some things you may want to accomplish :
- You want a stunning performance on that day
- You want to feel comfortable with what you wear
- You want a little more coverage in a wedding dress than usually used by a younger bride, but not too old performance
- You want a sophisticated appearance for an age appropriate wedding gown
However, in fact there is no significantly category of wedding dress style labeled "Mature". Thus, the mature brides will have difficulty in deciding which wedding dress will fit according to their age and make them comfortable.

Tips to Choose a Wedding Dress for Mature Bride

Mature Bride Dress
From several articles that we have summarized, it shows that most of the mature brides usually look for a wedding dress with these criterias:
- Necklines
Most of them prefered the V-Necklinesthen followed with Beateau, Jewel Neck, Off the Shoulder and One Shoulder Strap. There are also another options like portrait and sweetheart one
- Sleeved
3/4 length sleeves was the most choosen by them when compared with others. Then followed with cap sleeves wedding dress, Long, Short, and Straps Sleeves
Bridal Gown of Mature Bride
- More coverage in wedding dress
Most of mature brides prefered using more coverage like a shrug or jacket to be used with a Strapless Wedding Dress
- Streamline Silhouettes
They like things like a sheath, princess line, or Medium Full A-Line
- Shorter Trains
No train at all or just shorter trains to complete their appearance
- Non-Traditional Wedding Gown
Usually they prefer choosing the mother's dresses than a wedding suit and evening gown. Only a small percentage who wanted to wear traditional wedding dress on their Big Day.
Mature Bride Attire
Tips for Mature Brides in Using Wedding Gown
Actually there are no etiquette rules that you should follow as a Mature Bride. However, in general, brides over 50 would prefer a dress with sleeves, back necklines, and modest front. While the brides between 40 to 50 years, most of them would prefer using a Strapless Wedding Gown or a Halter style with low back necklines. And the brides between 50 to 60 years usually also use a strapless and halter one but completed with a jacket or a wrap for modesty and comfort they desire. But of course, everything depends on what you feel comfortable wearing.

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The Right Bodyshape in Using Mermaid Wedding Dress Style

right bodyshape to use mermaid wedding dress style, body shape for using mermaid wedding dress
  When you look at bridal magazines, you may wonder at the sight of a model wearing mermaid wedding dress, will that style be suitable for my body shape? Though you are interested in this style, but is it your body shape also appropriated using it? Mermaid Style is a silhouetted-fit dress through the bust, waist, and hips then flares out around the knee. Well, this dress emphasizes the body shape of the bride. Now you know that this style will totally accentuate the curve of your body. And if you are not someone who wants to accentuate the curve of your body, then the style is not appropriate for you. Additionally, this one is usually suitable for tall brides.

The Right Bodyshape in Using Mermaid Wedding Dress Style

Mermaid Wedding Dress
Which body shape work the best in using Mermaid style?
The answer is a balanced body shape, which the bust, waist, and hips are in proportional position and shape. But there are also another body shapes that will work well when wearing this.
In fact, Hourglass Body Shape will look good in wearing Mermaid style
If you have Hourglass Body Shape and want to accentuate the curve of your body better, then this style suits with you. This style will focus on the hips and thighs area then taper at the knees. But if you have a small waistline compared to your bust and hips, you can add a belt on the waist in order to emphasize your waistline.
Mermaid Wedding Dresses
Then what about other kind of body shapes?
For those of you who have a pear body shape, this style seems less suitable for you, because the mermaid style will highlight the hip and thighs area. Of course you do not want to be exposed too much on that area.

Contrary if you are Rectangular Shaped Body, where you have a little or even no waistline. Mermaid style will create a thick waist look. But if you want to wear a shaper to cinch your waist, you can get the beautiful style of it.
Mermaid Wedding Gown
Finally, for those of you who have an Apple Body Shape type, of course, you should stay away from this style. With excessing of mermaid style that will highlight the waist and stomach area, it will be less appropriate when applied to this type of body shape.

However, there will always be an exception to a rule. If you are comfortable and confident when wearing Mermaid Style although it was not your best style, just go on. Because in some cases, the bride cinched up and accessorized it in order to be fitted when they wear.

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